3 sisters...
one BIG idea...
"Three sisters, a table, some paint, a little creativity and a great idea."
"We are continuously finding new purposes for old things. We also encourage collaboration with our customers -- it's an interactive
process of creation."
"Look for repainted, repurposed and restyled dressers, tables and other one-of-a-kind furniture and home accessories."
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"When you want your house to look like Pottery Barn, but you’ve got an Ikea budget, go to In Grand Re-Style."
Three sisters Diane Choiniere (of Oakdale), Nancy DeSchane (of Stillwater) and Sally DeSchane-LeMay (of Hugo) began Sisters Painted Creations in 2010. It all started in the space above their family-owned North Oaks Car Wash on Centerville Road as warehouse, workshop and showroom. With their business sense and some extra space, the sisters decided to continue the tradition by breathing new life into unused, broken and discarded furniture with a splash of color.  Sisters Painted Creations then evolved into In Grand re-Style, and, eventually, PAINTED Table. PAINTED Table now has two locations in busy metro areas.

“After being continuously disappointed in the quality and price of
new furniture, we looked for more creative options such as repurposing used ones. We were amazed by the transformation and inspired by how many interesting and beautiful unwanted items we found just waiting to be re-styled!”

With the mindset that gently used, good quality items are usually better than newer, cheaper ones; the three sisters offer a variety of restyled furniture at great prices.

“We’re trying to appeal to the everyday person; the things we include in our collection are things that can be used in everyday life. They are not overly vintage, Victorian or shabby chic. They are more practical and it doesn’t take a specific decorating style to accommodate our collection. Plus, our price point is very competitive. We acquire inventory at a strict price point so we can be competitive.”

They believe that the tougher the times, the more appealing the offering is to their customers. However, even during good times, everyone likes a bargain.

“Our business is unique because many of the items are one-of-a-kind creations. Not only do we paint furniture, we repurpose old items. What once was a 1970's coffee table is now a bench with trendy fabric. Don't be surprised if you see an old ladder as a magazine rack. We are continuously finding new purposes for old things. We also encourage collaboration with our customers -- it's an interactive process of creation.”

If you are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind items, you will love PAINTED Table. Consistent with their commitment to recycle, much of the furniture is re-purposed. They call it...Recycling with STYLE
"If you are on the hunt for some fashionable, unique furniture or home accessories, stop by one of the Painted Table’s two locations to check out the ever-changing selection."
This Buffet, part of our FURNITURE RESCUE PROGRAM, was sold on November 22 and allowed us to feed 2 children for a month!